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Message from club president June 9th 2020


Greetings, fellow Joggers Club members.

Well, the good news is that effective Tuesday 16 June the club will re-open. This means that all Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday club runs/walks are back again.

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that NZ was moving to Level 1 effective immediately. The Executive Committee met via zoom and decided that we could resume all weekly activities from the start of next week. The few days until next week will be used to ensure that the clubrooms have a deep clean, and that the kitchen equipment (upstairs and downstairs) is carefully sterilised before use and it will give me time to find my gear again.

Relaxing the Level 2 restrictions however means that every member needs to be responsible for their own health and safety and for that of other members.

That means that if you have any symptoms (cough, high temperature of at least 38C, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing or runny nose, temporary loss of smell, or who have been in contact with a probable case), you must not come to the Club until you have recovered, tested negative and been cleared by Public Health. Please stay at home. All members are encouraged to have the flu vaccination this year.

Just because we are open for business again, do not feel obliged to return if you do not wish to. The choice is yours as to when you come back and enjoy time walking/running/socialising with your friends.

There will be a few changes at the club as well. There is a QR code posted on the three main doors to use for contact tracing purposes. You can use this for your own tracking purposes. A manual system is not required, so if you are anxious about keeping track of your movements, then you need to download the official QR scanner to your smartphone.

In the kitchen, the duty tea packs will wear gloves when handling cups, milk and biscuits, with hand washing beforehand. Tongs will be available for serving the biscuits. Liquid soap and paper towels will also be available in the kitchen for hand cleaning. There is a supply of gloves and other sanitising materials in the kitchen. Masks are not a very practical option when walking and especially not for runners, but you may choose to wear one if you wish.

The Tuesday meals will resume next Tuesday (16 June), and you will all receive a special email about that later this week. Monday night Pilates resumes on Monday 22 June.

I feel quite confident in saying that none of us want to go back up the alert levels from Level 1 again. Please do your bit to make sure that does not happen. We have been privileged to live in our own little paradise bubble, and through our sacrifices, completely squash the curve. Well done, folks, and thank you.

Vacancy on the Committee

On a completely different tack, I recently advised you that there was a vacancy on the committee created by Jude Sprott’s resignation. This position has now been filled by Lindsay Griffiths. Lindsay is a fairly recent member, with a background in the Navy and now with the Air Force. Her day to day work involves Health and Safety, and she has already proven to be a great asset with the work that she has done with helping us prepare for a return to normal. After my appeal in Update #6, three names were put forward, which is a tremendous response especially as the club was not meeting regularly. I’d like to thank all three for offering to work with us on the Committee, and congratulate Lindsay on her appointment.

More good news

The new 2XU uniform tops have arrived, and anyone who ordered a t-shirt or singlet will receive an email later this week regarding payment of the balance owing.

A little club nostalgia #3. Auckland’s Joggers Clubs and their Annual Open Days

Did you know that at one time there were at least 6 joggers clubs in the greater Auckland area, and many more around New Zealand? Out west, there were the Massey Joggers (run from the Massey Athletics base) and Te Atatu Joggers, in Manurewa there were two clubs the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Joggers and Weymouth Cosmopolitan Joggers, and way down south, Pukekohe Joggers. Members from each club participated in the Pukekohe relay (see earlier update), and had an Open Day each year to celebrate their birthday. The Open Days (often referred to as the club’s Birthday) were held on Sunday mornings, so members had the chance to travel to the kindred club, and join a jog or walk around their neighbourhood. The morning tea was more akin to a feast, and quick fire raffles of donated local goodies (e.g., spuds and onions at Pukekohe) meant that most people went home with something in their hand. Weymouth and Manurewa have since folded, and the other clubs now have a small membership. Further afield, Levin Joggers and Walkers celebrated their 35th birthday in 2019. Other joggers and walkers clubs exist in Wellsford, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Kapiti Coast, and one in Christchurch.

In response to the nostalgia item in the last update, Don Tee wrote to me to tell a lovely story about one of the Auckland Pukekohe relays. Dave Greenlees, a very distinguished life member of AJC, complained one year that his team had been robbed of the title because THE HANDS FELL OFF HIS MICKEY MOUSE WATCH!!!

As this is our last Update (I hope), the Committee would like to thank you all for your patience, good humour and resilience over what has been a trying period, and we look forward to seeing you back in Cornwall Park soon.

Ka kite 

Earl Irving