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Message from club president August 3rd January 2022

Happy New Year, fellow Joggers Club members.

We trust that you all had time at Christmas to have a lovely day with family and friends, and that you also celebrated kicking 2021 out the back door. I think we had had enough of the year by the time it finally drew to a close.

Here’s to a much better 2022.

As advised in the last news Update, we will be back to a reasonably normal routine on Tuesday 18 January – tea and biscuits after our run/walk, and a meal and drink upstairs. Yay!!!

As we did the last time we had a long close-down, we are making the dinner on this first night free to all currently financial members who were also financial in 2021. However, there are a couple of conditions attached.

  1. You have to pre-book, so Lek and her team know exactly how many meals to prepare. You can book by contacting us at chubadajc@gmail.com no later than Friday 14 January. If you do not pre-book, then there will be no meal for you that night.
  2. You have to indicate your choice from the two items on the menu for the night – the choices are
    1. Vietnamese noodle salad with lemongrass grill beef, OR
    2. Spinach lasagna with salad.

You can bring a friend who is not a member, at a cost of $15, provided you indicate that when booking.


Covid-19 and necessary precautions

The first night back on 14 December was rather a damp squib. It poured with rain, and about 25 brave souls turned up for a run/walk in the rain. Subsequent nights were much better and it was great to see members back enjoying each other’s company out on their walk or run.

On New Year’s Eve, Auckland shifted to Orange on the Covid traffic light system.

In order to operate with the maximum freedom, we have chosen to require members and visitors to show evidence of two Covid-19 vaccinations, via the MyVaccinePass (MVP). If we do not do this, then there are strict limits on capacity and spacing which means that we would not be able to operate.

As we did before Christmas, we will check and note on paper your MVP the first time you come to the club, and also record the expiry date. Please bring your MVP with you, or a Ministry of Health issued Medical Exemption, and present it to one of the committee who will be at a desk in the foyer for this purpose. You will not need to show this again until your MVP is renewed after expiry.

Not vaccinated or do not have a MVP or official Exemption? I’m sorry, but you cannot come to Joggers at this stage, as your presence means that we will be limited to a maximum of 50 people. We normally have more than that number at club nights, and will have to turn some members away. I do not want to be put in that position, and neither does the committee.

May we remind you that if at any time you have any symptoms you must stay at home and get tested. Record keeping through scanning the QR code, good hygiene and sanitation are still key tools to minimise the spread of the virus. Your MVP does not remove the need for contact tracing using the QR code each time you come to the club.

Face masks are not required when out with your pack. However, at other times, we recommend the proper wearing of masks.

Physical distancing is not required in the packs or the clubrooms – but there is a restriction on the number of people who can be in the clubrooms based on the “capacity” of the lounge. This restriction is unlikely to affect us.

The change rooms and toilet facilities will be open and available.

In making the above decisions, we were guided by the advice available from SportNZ and the results of the survey that was answered by 122 members (almost 60% of our membership). Thank you very much for taking the time to complete the short, three question survey.

Ninety-five percent of those who responded favoured a Covid Vaccination Policy. A comprehensive policy was favoured by 61%, a policy for indoor activities only by 34%, and no requirement to show a vaccine pass by 5%. Ninety-eight percent of you were double-dosed already.

Change of CPSA/bar management.

You will see a new face behind the bar when we return. Joel Stewart has taken over from Nick Hoy, and he assures us of the same friendly service.

AGM and the election of officers

The Annual General Meeting of the Auckland Joggers Club Inc will be held on Tuesday 22 February, at 7:30pm in the CPSA clubrooms.

Notice of this meeting will be issued on Tuesday 18 January, which is five weeks’ advance notice.

At that time, nominations will be formally called for the committee, and for the Jogger of the Year (for 2021).

There is a place on the committee for people with a wide variety of skills, and if you have ever offered an opinion about what the committee has done wrong (or even what they have done right), then you need to put your money where … you know the rest of it.

Having the best interests of the club at heart is a pretty good start.

Auckland Joggers on show.

Checked out our community noticeboard publicity posters yet? The noticeboards will be on display again from 10 January to 7 February on the corner of Greenlane and Manukau Roads, and at the corner of Mt Albert and St Andrews Roads.

Include those locations in your run or walk and see what the boards look like – people tell us they are good.

Round the Bays:

Seen the publicity for RTB 2022 yet? It is well under way now.

We are counting on your support again, and have taken the liberty of putting your name down for the position you signed up for last year. If you want a change, we can organise that, no problem. Want to include one of your family or close friends in our team? We can organise that too. The more people we have the easier the tasks will be.

For many years, Joggers used to run or walk the RTB course the week before, and get a time and certificate. We have not done that for quite a few years of late, but as this will be the 50th year since RTB started, it would be good to get a really big turnout down by the Spark Arena for the 8+ km run/walk out to St Heliers. Put aside 8am on Saturday 26 February for this occasion – in Joggers strip of course, so the other runners and walkers on the waterfront can see us en masse. Let us know what you think, and we will confirm this run/walk closer to the date.

Auckland Marathon waterstop.

As usual, we have been asked to provide waterstop services for the postponed 2021 Auckland Marathon. This event will now be held on Sunday 23 January. Not far away now.

Nick Hoy is again our ambassador for this event, and hopes that everyone who signed up for the postponed event in November will be available again.

Given the new Covid world that we live in, he will require a little more information from you.

Please email Nick ASAP at hearing.inc@gmail.com and let him know the following:

Your email address; first name; last name; phone number (preferably mobile); date of birth; address including postcode; T-shirt size (no guarantees on this, but will try); emergency contact name and number; any medical conditions, and expiry date of your MVP.

You will have to show your vaccine pass on the day of the marathon.

If you wish, you can attend the volunteer briefing on Wednesday 12 January from 5-7pm at the Ironman office in Parnell (Level 1, 347 Parnell Road, Parnell). This is not essential as Nick will brief us on the day.

Beginners programme re-starts.

As a prelude to this year’s Round the Bays, the next beginners programme with Esther Quinn starts on 25 January. Know of someone who is interested, but perhaps lacks the confidence to join one of our packs straight off? Let them know and we can sign them up. Details will be on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

Nostalgia item

A very short one this time – go to the Joggers Facebook page, and read about Balmoral Bill, one of our legendary members. There are even some familiar faces there.

Got a good story from the past? Send it in and we will include it for others to read. Three good stories would be really welcome – still waiting for the one on why the Stallions always won the Pukekohe relay, Terry.

Finally, on a lighter note …


Ka kite ano: Till next time.



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