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Message from club president September 27th 2020

Normal club activities recommence Tuesday 29th September

Greetings, fellow Joggers Club members

Just a few matters arising from our monthly meeting on Thursday night.

Dinner protocols for Tuesday nights while under Level 2

It will be great to be back on Tuesday, and sharing dinner upstairs after your run or walk.

The clubrooms and changing rooms/showers have had an intensive clean, and will be ready and waiting for you.

Please ensure that when you arrive, you use the QR code by each entrance. Also, book your meal as usual.

As Auckland is still at Alert Level 2, there are a few protocols regarding our traditional cup of tea, and the upstairs dinner we have to observe, so I thought I would set them out now so you know what to expect, after checking the guidelines for hospitality venues.

People on tea duty will need to wear the masks and gloves supplied, have hand sanitiser on the servery as the very first item that members encounter, pour the milk and tea for members, and use tongs to serve the biscuits. This is pretty much the routine we had before, except that you should maintain social distancing in the queue.

Do we have to have a single server for each table at dinner?

No. Ordering and collecting food at the counter is permitted in clubs such as CPSA, but physical distancing in the queues has to be maintained.

What about the seating arrangements?

No more than ten people per group of tables are permitted. To avoid moving the tables to maintain the required distance between tables, the simplest solution is to use every second set of tables.


If you can eat your meal and drink through a mask, please feel free to wear one.

So, in short, we can enjoy good company and food together again if we follow these pretty simple processes. And, the money in the members draw is up to $400 – not to be sniffed at!

Kay-Lydiard Pairs Event and the Guesstimate

We have reached the stage where two of our annual three events have had to be postponed, and there is very little time left to run them.

We faced the prospect of trying to run three events in six to eight weeks before we began the silly season, and reluctantly made the decision to cancel the Kay-Lydiard Pairs event and the Guesstimate for 2020. The Blackbridge in the Park event will go ahead on the scheduled date of 10 November.

Next Beginners Group

We plan to start the next beginners group on Tuesday 13 October. This group will run for eight weeks, instead of the normal six weeks. If you know anyone who wants to get started, make sure you get them to sign up. See the website for details. Also, we count on members to support these groups, so any offers to help on just one night are always greatly appreciated.

Membership renewals

Keep an eye on your Inbox (or letterbox) for your membership invoice, which will be coming your way soon. For current members, the subscription for 2020/21 has been rebated to $45 in recognition of the stop-start nature of club activities this year. All new members will pay the full subscription of $60.

Are you a morning or evening person?

One of our members, Lee Moore, is conducting a survey about Morningness-Eveningness as part of his university studies. The Committee have looked at the information Lee provides and at the questionnaire, and are happy for him to seek your help in this way

If you would like to know more about this study, and sign up for the survey, please contact Lee at 027 777 0550, or by email lmoore101@hotmail.com .

AGM and positions on the Committee

The AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 8 December, and all positions on the committee become vacant. If you are interested in serving this great club on the committee and want to know more about what it entails, please feel free to talk to me or another committee member. It is a great way to put something back into the club that serves you so well.

Stay well, take care of those around you.

My very best wishes to you all, and hope you enjoy being back on Tuesday night. I won’t be there, as I am currently working for the Electoral Commission, and have some “classes” to take that night. Kind of reminds me of the old school days!

Nga mihi nui


Mob: 021 047 8077           Email: theirvingfamily@xtra.co.nz or earl.irving@xtra.co.nz