We would love for you to become a member! If you're interested then

Welcome to Auckland Joggers 

We are a social running and walking club. Our members range in age from 20's to 70+. Members run or walk for fitness or training for events such as 10km, 1/2 and full marathons and ultra's. 

Our packs are led by experienced pack leaders, we have packs for everyone from seasoned to novice, so whatever your fitness level we have something for you.

Our club rooms are in beautiful Cornwall park, which means that we have lots of options for stunning runs and walks. At our club rooms we have changing and showering facilities as well as plenty of safe parking. On Tuesday nights you can have a meal or drink at our bar after your run/walk. If you want to build flexibility and strength you can also join our members only Pilates sessions held on Monday nights.

Membership fees are low, only $130 to join for your first year, this includes a club shirt, ongoing membership is just $60 per year!!! You are welcome to try us out for a couple of times before signing up, so just come along. On your first visit please arrive 10 minutes early so we can find the right pack for you. Looking forward to seeing you :-)

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Come running or walking with us

Don't be put off by the times that we run and walk for, most people find running or walking in a pack is so much easier and are suprised by how much more they can do. We always have breaks along the way to catch our breath or have a drink. New people to the club are well supported, we were all new once so we understand we make sure no one is left behind or is pushed too hard. 

We have a range of running packs at paces from sub 5min/km to 7min/km

Our running/walking on the road times (all with breaks in this time)

Tuesday- 90 mins start 5.30pm

Thursday -60 mins start 5.30pm

Saturday- 60-120 mins start 7.00am (depends who turns up)

Sunday-Usually around 5km distrance start 8.00am                                        


We hold beginners running programmes throughout the year, so if you are new to running this is a great way to start to build fitness, see our Events tab on this website or Facebook for details.


Where to find us

Auckland Joggers Club ,you can find us on the left as you drive into Puriri Drive via Campbell Crescent off Manakau Road, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand, find us on Google Maps