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We all run for different reasons.  It could be to: improve fitness and stay healthy; run just for the fun of it; enjoy the social side of pack running (and then going for coffee and cake); achieve weight loss (tip: run and avoid the cake); win races; explore new places; or relieve stress.  Whatever our reason to run we will set our own personal goals.


Goals can be as simple as being able to attend Joggers sessions twice weekly; target a new personal best time; it may be to complete a multi day challenge; to win our age group; or to explore our potential as an athlete.


Sometimes though we don’t know what goals to set ourselves or we don’t know the best way to go about achieving the ones we have set.  In working towards a goal we could keep getting injured, reach a fitness plateau or we lose our running mojo and just lack the motivation to tie up the laces and head out the door.


If you have ever wondered how you figuratively or literally take the next step then this is where I could possibly help you.  If you want to find out a bit more about what I do as a coach you could: have a look on my website; drop me an email; give me a call or better still grab me for a chat after a Tuesday pack run.




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