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Auckland Joggers committee

Still seeking a President for the Club

As all of you will be aware at the AGM for 2017 a new committee was formed. No nominations for president were received therefore the new committee for the year have been charged with the responsibility of finding a new President, every club needs a leader so if you have the passion to see the club go on into the future why not give it a go! If you are interested just talk to a committee member.


Current committee members as follows;

Vice President Admin Sue O'Shea, Treasurer Tim Sprott, Secretary Helen van der Peyl,Vice President Social Kerry Edwards, Club Captain Dave Johnson, Committee members, Doug O'Shea, Caroline McDowell and Kate Munckhof.

Jude Sprott past president Ex-official for 2018


Members draw

The members draw will continue through 2018, it has been a great success with members. Members will receive on-going up dates via Clubhub re status. Don't forget its your chance to take home up to $500, all you have to do is be there at the club on Tuesday night after the run or walk.


Beginners Programme

Our next beginners programme will start in the spring it will be a build up programme to get people back into running. We are working with a local Gym to help us with this so that we are able to offer these programmes on an on-going basis, watch this space for more information later in the year.